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Dreaming Goddess, 2012

So. Um, yeah. I completely forgot that this was here. But my dear friend Greta asked about it and so, ta da! Here I am! Sorry for the vanishing act. Things have been hectic to say the least. Between the La Tuna Fire being too damn close to us and worry over friends in the path of Irma, well, let's just say that the Chinese curse is clearly in operation: may you live in interesting times.

As always, if you want up to the minute news, exclusive first look/only look, shown how the sausage gets made, it's best to follow me over on Patreon. Just a dollar gets you a whole lot of stuff and they do add up. So please don't let the levels dissuade you because you don't feel you can support me at a level you want to. A dollar is fine! And if you can't do that, just let people know. The only reason I have any sort of career at all is because of all of the love and support from all of you. Yes. You. So thank you.

In the meantime, there are also links on my home page to the Work-In-Progress that is Tarot Apocalyptica and my SmugMug where you can buy any of the open edition prints I have available.

I'm probably going to be phasing out use of my Flickr, though I don't think I will be deleting it. As an archive and storage solution, it's fine where it is, but that would not be a direction I would go to look if you're wondering what I've shot lately.

What else?

Well, you're fabulous and awesome and deserve all good things. Yes. All of that.

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