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The Boi as The Fool from Tarot Apocalyptica - Angela N. Hunt 2016

So, I have been hugely remiss in my duties, but hi there!

A bunch of you asked where I would land after I closed my Patreon. No shade at Patreon, I just don't have whatever it is that makes Patreon work for other peeople and like a couple of other things I have tried and my father's words echoing in the back of my head: sunk cost fallacy.

Or, don't throw good money after bad.

And then I realized I really, really don't have an active blog anymore (until this second) and went, "oh. hey. maybe I should go over there and write something."

So. This is me. Writing something.

This will be the CIC for all of the hats that I wear from executive producer to showrunner to director to photographer to writer and everything else I'm not listing. I will tell you now that when the Ant forced me to count, the number of hats that I can wear in any given week is thirteen. Yes. Thirteen. I find the number amusing as well.

Oh, and my son turned 17 on Tuesday.

What is my life.

There's a million other things to update, but I'll save it for the next post.

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